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Granville's Clients

Granville works diligently to ensure he's providing exceptional service for his clients. His extensive background in mediation and government are a perfect combination to help you deal with a variety of challenges.

Clients: Clients

Goals of Anderson Mediation

Mediation services offered by Anderson Mediation aim to provide quality conflict resolution. Granville also strives to:

  • Encourage effective and appropriate communication between individuals experiencing conflict.

  • Serve as a catalyst in helping people in conflict arrive at their own productive solutions.

  • Provide dispute resolution services to those from various walks of life, regardless of socio-economic, educational and cultural backgrounds

  • Increase public awareness of alternative forms of dispute and conflict resolution.

The Benefits of Mediation

Mediation is a cost-effective and efficient alternative form of dispute resolution. The process is purely voluntary.  Mediation is facilitated by a neutral and impartial mediator who works with people to generate their own solutions in resolving their conflict. By choosing mediation, people can craft a resolution that best serves their interests. Mediation produces a "win-win" outcome for the people involved in the process whereas the court or arbitration systems produce a "win-loss" outcome for the parties involved in the dispute.

If managed well, conflict can lead to:

  • Increased understanding of issues, factors and points of view

  • Greater group cohesion through renewal of mutual respect and confidence in the group’s ability to work together effectively

  • Improved self-knowledge through examination of goals, values and focus

  • Openness to change and adaption

  • Improved trust in the process and the people involved

  • Increased collaboration

  • Informed decisions rather than the forced agreements of “group think”

Who pays for Mediation?

Typically the cost of mediation is shared equally between the parties unless the parties agree to other arrangements. Anderson Mediation fees for services are customized based on the needs of our clients. Our fees are significantly less than settling matters through arbitration or the courts.

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