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Mediation Services

Mediation and consulting services are a fast, friendly, and productive way of resolving disputes. Most people who participate in mediation are looking to resolve a dispute before it goes to the court or arbitration systems and are striving to maintain a good relationship with the others involved in the dispute. Granville is an expert at communication and will help to facilitate dialogue between those involved.



Wrongful Dismissal, Toxic Workplace, Harassment, Workplace Accommodations

Distanced Couple


Power of Attorney, Prenuptial Agreements, Wills, Marriage Contracts

Human Rights

Grievances, Union Issues, Collective Bargaining and Agreements


Housing Disputes

Landlord and Tenant Issues

Brick house
Mediation: Services



Human Rights/Discrimination

Workplace Disputes

Land Use/Planning


Insurance (Personal Injury and Statutory Benefit matters)

Government Relations

Other Services:

Simple Will (Including Power of Attorney for Personal Care and Property)

Separation Agreement

Marriage Contracts

Uncontested Joint Divorce

Mediation: Text
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